August 12, 2012

Self-Driving Car Project By Google

black and white illustration drawing image of a car vehicle automobile

Majority of cars companies nowadays come up with some really awesome looking automobiles, developed high performance engines, improved fuel-efficient cars to help solve the problem of high gas prices by minimizing gas consumption by using less gas, or trying to eliminate gas usage completely by using electric powered cars, what else? Google has a new car project... and if you didn't know about it yet, you are probably thinking: what Google has to do with cars? Google do computer stuff, search engine innovations, online marketing and advertising, just to name a few... If you think about it, with their expertise in the world of digital technology, they are definitely the most likely to solve the problem of bad drivers and avoiding car accidents by developing a self-driving car with built-in technology that will drive a car for you so you dont have to. But this self-driving car is not a plan for the future because Google already have a self-driving car project that they are currently working on it with some impressive progress already. Check out their video released this year 2012 regarding their existing self-driving car project:

Would you drive one? With this car, you probably don't have to worry too much about being too sleepy to drive somewhere because you are not the driver anyway, not completely. This self-driving car will definitely revolutionize the way we travel, change the way we drive or not drive. The only negative part I can think of is that where is the fun in driving when you just sit there are watch wherever your car go after you tell it where to go? Will the excitement of controlling the gas and break pedals, handling the steering wheels will be gone and be a distant memory? Who knows, there might be an option to override the self-drive system and you will be able to drive when you want to drive, and have complete control over the vehicle.. i hope that is an option! But on the positive side, the possibility of eliminating car accidents caused by unfocus or distracted drivers is great, i think this alone is a huge positive advantage of having a self-driving car, not all of us are great or good drivers.. One thing is certain, it will not be too long a time that while you will be driving in a busy city street and you look to your left and/or your right you will be seeing these self-driving cars all over the place.

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